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Night now
Making of “Night Now” Music Video
about karin

Karin Soiref born in Israel. During the summers of 2007 and 2008, she became involved in various music academies in Chicago and New York. She extended her experience of different genres of music, performing in musicals, composing, and working in studios with an array of professional musicians. After 3 years of active singing and vocal coaching, she moved to Gibraltar. Having studied in Sotogrande International School, she furthered her experience and skills in numerous charity events in the South of Spain.

Karin moved to London where she finished her 3 - year Undergraduate Degree in Creative Musicianship BA (Hons) 2016. During the summer of 2015, Karin won 1st place at the Suncane Skale Song Festival, Montenegro. In collaboration with an Israeli composer Svika Pik, she performed the song "Sing My Song".Karin had great experience working on her music with a worldwide known composer Walter Afanasieff and songwriter Aleena Gibson. Her first single Night Now is a collaboration with Aleena Gibson and producer/musician Fabrizio Sotti and mix/master specialist Luca Pretolesi.

night now

Official Music Video

Night Now